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City Like KYOTO with Great Nature in TOKYO Area(Only 1hour 30min Drive from TOKYO.

”SAWARA/CHOSHI Port/INUBOU SAKI Cliff with Lighthouse”

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"Tokyo Tour Price List" for Hire Car with English Driver(Chauffeur) (Other Area, please ask)

Hire Premium Wagon
Alphard Hire car japan

"Alphard" or "Vellfire"

Premium Class Hire Car in Japan.  Details

JTSA Special "ALPHARD the LEGEND" Debut

[Price - Tokyo transportation]

6-8hours : JPY 53,000.-

9-12hours : JPY 65,000.-

6 person hire

Hire Tokyo Superior Wagon
HI-ACE Car Rental in JAPAN

"HI-ACE VIP Edition(Grand Cabin)"

for 6-9 person Hire Car 

[Price - Tokyo transportation]

6-8hours:JPY 63,000.-

9-12hours:JPY 70,000.-

9 person hire

Vehicle for 10-14 Passenger (No Luggage space)

Commuter Hire Car in JAPAN

(10-14 Passenger / No Luggage space) 

[Price - Tokyo transportation]

6-8hours:JPY 70,000.-

9-12hours:JPY 80,000.-

Hire in Japan Mini Bus
MINI Bus Car Rental in JAPAN


10-20 person without suitcase, Hire Car with Driver

(10-14 person with suitcase)

[Price - Tokyo transportation]

6-8hours:JPY 85,000.-

9-12hours:JPY 98,000.-

Standard Class Sedan PRIUS "1-3 passengers"


[Price - Tokyo Transportation]

6-8hours:JPY 50,000.-

9-12hours:JPY 62,000.-

3 person hire1

Delux Hire Car in Japan
Hire Mark-X Hire Car in Japan

"Toyota MARK-X"

"Delux Class Sedan"

[Price - Tokyo Transportation]

6-8hours:JPY 55,000.-

9-12hours:JPY 63,000.-

3 person hire1

Super Delux Hire
Hire Crown Hire Price

King of Sedan in Japan

[Price - Tokyo transportation]

6-8hours:JPY 65,000.-

9-12hours:JPY 75,000.-

3 person hire1

Hire Premium Class
Benz S550 Hire Price

"Mercedece Benz S550L"

Newest Model!


8-12 hours: JPY 95,000.-

3 person hire 2

Hire Premium Class
LEXUS IS Hire Price



Japanese Flagship Vehicle(Photo:LS)

[Price - Tokyo transportation]


Lexus LS : JPY 90,000.-
Lexus GS: JPY 83,000.-

Lexus IS : JPY 77,000.- 

3 person hire 2


-These Hire car prices are applied to the transportation inside of the Tokyo metropolitan city area

-All Prices are inclusive such as tax, Car, Driver, Toll, Fuel and Parking fee but Personal Expense such as Admission, Meal, Drink, Souvenir etc are excluded.

-Winter season, snow tire has to be equipped. 

So December to next March, extra 2,000.-will be added except for Mini bus. And Mini bus's extra charge is 4,000.-

-High season "August/1-20", Extra JPY 3,000.- will be added.

-Please feel free to ask for another Destination. 

(Hakone Onsen, Fuji Q High Land Park, Fuji Safari Park, Nikko, Yokohama etc....) 

-Prices are ALL inclusive such as Car, Driver, toll, fuel, Parking and TAX but customer's personal expense such as meal, drink, accommodation, souvenir, admission etc are not included. 

-All drivers are original Japanese / well trained and has a lot of repeater/ Good communication in English be assigned

-Please ask about another area such as Mt.Fuji, Yokohama-Kamakura, TOKYO-Mt.Fuji-Kyoto-Nara, Nikko etc.

-Body Color is White or Silver or Black. Unable to choose

-Our service is available from or to KANTO(including Tokyo) Area

Hire Car Service in JAPAN(TOKYO, Mt,FUJI, Kyoto, Kanazawa, Shirakawago, Round Trip etc)

We are not only Hire car company but also Travel Consultant. Travel in Japan, from Business to Family tour.


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-Travel consultation

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