JTSA Manager / English Hire Driver HIROSHI Mr (In Charge of English Speaking Customer)

English Driver
English Speaking Driver "Hiroshi"

Hi!  I am "HIROSHI" one of the best English speaking driver in Japan having Licence of National Tour Leader, English Step test 2nd Grade, Tourism English  2nd glade certification.  . 


My Career: H.I.S. / Tobu Travel / KUONI Travel , are One of the biggest Companies all over the world.  


By the way, if you ask another taxi company in Japan, you do not know what kind of Driver comes.  That makes you warry about.  Can he speak English acctually and provide good service? 

You do not warry about it, if you choose us!


Then, please see other company web and  they says their Driver can treat Foreigner.  Means They can say yes or no only.  But They can not have any conversation. 


On the other hand, I have traveled 30 countries before. So I know how to speak and behave in front of other countries's customers as Tour leader much better than any other companies’s drivers.


No other company can provide such a real english Speaking Driver with best service.


I am looking forward to seeing you in Japan.


See you then.

Hire Price

Excelent and Reasonable Rent a car with Driver, Hire service and Car only rental.

And we can advise you various tour and try to make your stay in Japan wonderful.  Please ask us anything about Japan tour without hesitation.


We would be able to provide you Multilingual service such as English, Korean, Chinese, Russian etc....


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Hi Ace Grand Cabin



If you have any inquiry, estimation, question and reservation, please contact to


mail: sales@car-jtsa.com

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HIROSHI IKAWA Mr (In Charge of Foreign Customer)

Address:1-29-9, Kanahodo, Asao-ku, Kawasaki city, Kanagawa, Japan



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